Dear Researcher and Scholars,

The third (ICMSNT 2018) will be held at Chengdu, China fromMar. 29-Apr. 1 , 2018. In the many fronts of materials science and nanotechnology (in energy, in healthcare, in materials and devices, …), research has been intensive and advancements have been rapidly made in recent years. We, the organising committee and HKSME, hope ICMSNT 2018 can be an excellent platform for researchers to present their findings and discuss the current and future issues, opportunities and challenges in materials science and the closely related field of nanotechnology. 

During the conference, a wide range of topics will be presented, led by three keynote lectures. These lectures on the latest developments of new materials, nanomaterials/devices, applications of nanotechnology, and analysing and characterization of materials in a wide range of length-scale will be given by three eminent researchers. They are Professor Wei Gao of the University of Auckland, Professor Shinhoo Kang of Seoul National University and Professor John Kennedy of NZ’s leading research institute – GNS Science.

Two special sections are also planned for this conference. The first is on the core topic(s) of materials engineering, Service Behaviour of Materials, examining how materials behave under various loading conditions and environments and how the performances of products/parts are affected by the structures of the materials. This section will be led by Professor Min-Hao Zhu who is an expert in tribology and fatigue of materials. Professor Zhu will give an invited presentation on topic related to his research field. We will expect a number of speakers to present their research in this major field of materials engineering.

Additive manufacturing (AM), more widely known as 3D printing, has enabled the manufacturing of products in highly complex shapes and is believed to have the potential to transform manufacturing industries. Metallic AM has already found its applications in aerospace and dental/medical manufacturing industries. There is currently an intensive research effort to improve predictability of mechanical properties and reliability of AM products, both of which link to the scientific understanding of material behaviours during AM which is a highly complex process. The second special section, Additive Manufacturing, of the conference has thus been planned. Professor Parkinson from Pennsylvania State University will give a keynote lecture on the topic and we will expect a number of presentations reporting new research findings.

I would like to invite you to join us for this important event and to share your recent research advance and finding in the fields of materials science and nanotechnology. I am looking forward to seeing you in ICMSNT 2018 to be held inSouthwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China.

ICMSNT 2018 Organizing Committee